Photo Contest

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Participate in the photographic contest of the Bartés Abella family routes linked to the history of Sitges and obtain the promotional code of Hotel Montserrat to enjoy the best prices and offers

Send us a photo of each route

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    Make a photograph of each of the routes; The Industrial route, the Medieval, the modernist and the
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    Photograph must be related to the title of the route
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    You will participate in the competition from which a winner is chosen, where the originality, singularity and linking of the image to the name of the routes will be valued; Industrial, Medieval, modernist and Indian

Only to participate

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    Get the promotional code of Hotel Montserrat to enjoy the best prices and offers of the Hotel and Apartments
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    The winner of the competition will get the tourist Pack

Tourist Pack

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    Two weekend nights at the Hotel Montserrat
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    Two entrances to the museums of Cau Ferrat and Maricel
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    Dinner for 2 people in a restaurant in Sitges
  1. Fill in the details
  2. Participate in the photography contest and get the promo code only to participate.
  3. Get your promotional code in your e-mail for special promotions and discounts in the Hotel and Apartaments Montserrat.
  4. All photographs have to be original, of the person who sends them, can not send copied or transferred images, only original own.
  5. All those who submit the 4 photos one per one of the routes, will participate in the contest to get the tourist Pack weekend in Sitges.
  6. The winner will be chosen at the end of the season (October 2021) by a jury of artists from the Bartés Abella family, where the originality, uniqueness and linking the image to the name of the routes will be valued.
  7. The Pack can only be used personally by the winner.
  8. The booking confirmation will depend on the Hotel's availability.
  9. Tickets to museums will also be subject to availability.
  10. The validity of the use of the pack is during the 2022 season.
  11. The competition organization can substitute any of the sections of the prize for Force Majeure, which will be replaced by a similar value activity.
  12. You can only send a block of 4 photographs, one by route and per participant.
  13. By participating in the contest I give the images sent to the organization so that it can use and publish on this website and other digital Internet media linked to the same photo contest as exhibition or disclosure of the contest and its winners.
  14. The name that will appear in the publication of the photographs on the web and various digital supports such as Instagram or Facebook, is what appears in the section of pseud and if you want your name to appear, you must write it in this section.
  15. To participate you must be of legal age.
  16. The set of photographs sent cannot exceed 4 MB and must be in jpg format.

    I Accept the bases of participation and Privacy Policy

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