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Montserrat Domínguez Bartés

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His quiet character was balanced with a passion that was excessive by all artistic and avant-garde: polypoetry, performance, installation and sculpture, a technique that he practiced in the workshop of the Higher School of Design and art Llotja in Barcelona...

Anonymous (Sitges, 1964-2012)

"Montserrat Domínguez Bartés studied at the faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Barcelona and graduated in this area, specializing in the discipline of engraving. In April 2011 his work "Imagine" was awarded with a second prize in the 5th Sculpture contest convened by Fundició Dúctil Benito de Manlleu. Previously, in 1992, he was awarded the Young Painting Prize by the Sitges Town Council.

The dedication to the artistic activity came to him for caste because his great-great grandfather was the painter, the artist Albert Bartés I Bota and also his Aunt Núria Bartés was dedicated to the practice of painting acting as a teacher in the studio of the street of Antoni Gaudí.

Montse, deeply rooted in the Sitges site, was also linked to the Barcelona district of Gràcia, where she lived and took part in the artistic and literary movement that, in an underground and permanent way, the old village has kept on. In his student of Fine Arts, Montse makes acquaintance and friendship with many of the career colleagues who established a peculiar link with this sitgetana who acted as hostess of Blanca Subur offering them her hospitality. The Hotel Montserrat became a point of reference and in the headquarters of the generation of these post-modern artists that Montse belonged to.

His friends Sitgetans we enjoyed these Barcelona contacts and the circle became bigger as in the rings of Sardana dances. Friendship was one of the mainstays of the life of Montse, a person who knew how to listen To her empathy for her interlocutor. His quiet character was balanced with a passion that was excessive in all artistic and avant-garde: polypoetry, Performance, installations... Lazio on and L ' sculpture, technique that was practiced in the workshop of the Upper School of Design and Art Llotja In Barcelona with the Professor Benjamí Álvarez Llano, professor of Plastic arts and design in the speciality of volume.

Montserrat Domínguez Bartés, who signed his works m.d.B., periodically exhibited in the Noucentista courtyard of the Santiago Rusiñol Library of Sitges and participated in the announcements of the Ramon Sanvisens painting and Pere Jou Awards for sculpture. In His background there are groups in the art Gallery Agora 3 and other samples specifically of engraving such as "Mediterranean Footprints" in the Old Market of Sitges together with Dolors Lujan, Carme Parellada and Núria Corretgé or that coinciding with the year Rusiñol with Large-format works used a steamroller as a gigantic tomass in the Plaza de la Fragata. "

By Isidre Roset and Juan.